Marula Oil…for your hair?

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We’ve loved the gorgeous glow Marula Oil has been giving us on our face and body, but have been yearning for a product that we can use on our hair that won’t weight it down. Move over Morrocan Oil, we … Continued

How To Use Marula Oil On Your Skin

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We know Marula Oil is great for our skin, but how should we incorporate this into our daily beauty routine? We asked Dr. Ashton Kaidi, co-founder of  Marula Pure Beauty Oil and certified plastic surgeon, to bust some of the common … Continued

5 Ways To Use Marula Oil in The Summer

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There are so many great things about summertime no matter where you live. From BBQs to pool parties and vacations, it seems like there is always some fun to be had. In between all of the excitement though we tend … Continued

What IS Marula Oil?

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By now you’ve probably heard the craze about oils and have either tried an oil or thought about buying one. Coconut, Maracuja, Grapeseed, and Argan to name a few, but what about Marula? What is it exactly? We sat down … Continued